Presentations & Workshops

Programs can be tailored to meet your needs.

• Stress Reduction Strategies
Take control of your stress level! Learn the fastest way to relax, how to effectively deal with emotions and find out how your thinking affects your stress level.

• Joyful Living: Tools for a Happy Healthy Life
Manage stress in your life with fun and relaxing tools you will get to experience. Learn easy, fast ways to release emotions and relax that can be done almost anywhere. Empowerment tools include breathing, centering, grounding, sounding and moving energy. Participants will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed and come away with a set of new tools to use to cope with life’s ups and downs.

• Create Healing with Powerful Affirmations
This fun and interactive program begins with exploring our negative self-talk then reverses it by focusing on positive messages (affirmations). Participants will create their own individual affirmation, then embody it through breathing, speaking, creating art, visualizing, body sculpting, moving and feeling it. This process can be transformational.

• Empowerment Through Movement
Empower yourself by doing fun and relaxing movement and stillness (breathing and visualization) activities. Focus is on connecting to your inner voice and listening to your body’s needs. Tools include breathing, centering, grounding, sounding and moving energy. Give yourself permission to be playful and to focus on you.

• Healing Energy: Moving Through the Chakras
This is a new, interactive and fun way of working with energy and giving you tools to use so you can take responsibility for your own well-being.

Learn about the seven energy centers in your body and how you can move energy to heal yourself. You will dance, sound, and breathe through each of the seven chakras. The focus will be on connecting to your body, what it needs and moving with joy.

• Connecting to Spirit Through Movement and Music
Slow down and connect to your spirit. This is a joyful dance session that emphasizes individual expression and empowerment tools to connect to your inner voice.